Freedom: 7 years Porn free!


06 Jan Freedom: 7 years Porn free!

Recently we had someone ask how do I crack the addiction? I cracked cocaine addiction 20 years ago, but this is stronger.

We thought how can we help this guy? What better than stories of people who have been through the trenches.  So Safe Surfer reached out and found Benjamin that’s been through the battle and beat porn!

Benjamin’s Story
I’m now completely clean and have been for the last 7 years. Initially, it took me 30 hard concentrated days to break the stronghold that porn had on my life, but porn is an addiction like any other addiction.

To break my porn addiction – I had to break any root beliefs that porn has retrained my brain to think. This was done by a trained councillor. But looking back probably could have been a close friend.

Once the root beliefs causing the porn addiction had been broken, I was advised to find an accountability partner. This close friend asked me the hard questions every day to start, but after 30 days they stopped because there wasn’t any need.

Where do you start?
Just jump! Cold turkey worked for me. Once you’ve cracked 30 days no porn, it’s all downhill and smooth surfing. You just need to be careful what your eyes are getting fixated on after that.

Best advice for those struggling?
It’s flipping hard, but if you haven’t talked to anyone, the first step is opening up to a parent/trustworthy friend and sharing the damage caused by porn. This was 80% of the battle for me.

Still unsure and have no-one to talk too?
Struggling with a porn addiction? Safe Surfer is here, and can connect you to expert councillors .

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