Life lessons – Advice for young surfers


11 Nov Life lessons – Advice for young surfers

This story was posted to our facebook page. It provides good instructions to young people to avoid porn.  Because despite what anyone says, porn isn’t cool! [We have shared it unedited].

This share goes out especially for teenage boys and young men: As a recovering porn-addict I can testify to the destructiveness and darkness of porn. A wise woman once said to me “There are things once seen, you cannot un-see”.

Believe me porn WILL take you to places you never expected yourself to go.
At first porn may seem thrilling and adventurous, like surfing a wave. One day, sooner or later, it WILL leave you washed up, stranded above the high-tide mark, while the exciting ocean of real humanity froths and boils away below you further down the beach. Don’t believe the crap about sexual freedom, liberation, and so forth. It’s a well-packaged lie, like a healthy young person telling you there’s nothing wrong with smoking. Ask them in 20, 30 or 40 years (if they are still around). Porn takes your power, sucks your life-force, it WILL kill your mojo.
Again speaking directly to any young men out there in Facebook land upon whose eyes these comments fall: Don’t succumb to social-phobia and the easy way out. Be a real man!

If you suffer from this (or know someone who is) and are in need of support – self-censorship apps like Safe Surfer may be a good first step. Or else there will be help-lines in your country which can guide you out of this. Don’t be ashamed to talk to your loved ones – partner, parents, whoever.

Otherwise we are happy to listen. PM us.

  • ramphere
    Posted at 21:25h, 14 January

    how do i block or filter porn using more one computer

  • ramphere
    Posted at 21:29h, 14 January

    porn is not good it may be exciting and enticing but slow it kills you like one person said it suck you

  • brianmusame
    Posted at 09:13h, 15 January

    Am an porn addicted and I want to stop hope you help to stop

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