Protect My Family

Want to keep your family safe online?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.
That’s right – by using Safesurfer, you can remove your families ability to access pornography – whether it be deliberate or accidental access.
But that’s enough about us for now, here’s why you should use Safesurfer to keep your family safe.

3 reasons to use Safesurfer:

1. To block the baddies

We block all harmful websites, including pornography, so that your family can browse the Internet safely. We also enforce safe search on google and youtube, so that harmful content can’t accidentally be seen.

2. To protect your computers

As well as blocking pornography, Safesurfer also protects against phishing, malware websites and internet attacks – helping keep your computer safe and trouble-free.

3. To set and forget

Safesurfer runs 24 hour a day, 7 day a week, 365 days a year – so your family is always protected – and once Safesurfer is set up, you can continue using the Internet as normal.

How does Safesurfer work?

Safesurfer is the gate-keeper for your families home Internet connection, and our service operates on all devices that connect to the internet using your home broadband or wi-fi.

How much does Safesurfer cost?

Safesurfer is ‘pay what you want’, so you can choose what having safe internet is worth to you and your family.
That’s right, you can choose what you want to pay – because money shouldn’t get in the way of keeping your family safe online (donation based).

Safesurfer set up: 

Setting up Safesurfer is easy, here’s how:
1. Complete your details below (complete the form)
2. Follow our instructions to change your Internet settings (no tech skills needed)
3. Resume using the Internet as normal (but safely this time, hooray!)
That’s right, there’s no hardware required – and no software to install. And you’ll only need to complete the setup on your home computer once, and then all other devices that use your home internet will be protected.
Have more questions? Find answers to frequently asked questions.
For most families, the set up process takes approximately 5 minutes.
  • Block the Baddies

  • Block all harmful websites including pornography.

  • Constant 24-7 Protection

  • Against phishing, malware websites and internet attacks.

  • Enforce Google Safesearch

  • Immediate prevention to inappropriate google, bing and yahoo searches, videos or images.

  • Enforce YouTube Restrictions

  • Immediate prevention to YouTube inappropriate videos.

Ready to protect your family?

Complete the details below, and get ready to enjoy safe internet.
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