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Surfing the net is awesome isn’t it?

We can read stuff, watch stuff and buy stuff – and we can do these things from almost anywhere in the world.

But the internet isn’t always a safe place, and there are an ocean of risks for first­ time surfers – things like cyber­bullying, online scams and even viruses which can stop you surfing for a while.

But that’s not all. Because there’s another risk for those hitting the digital waves, and it’s one that we don’t talk about often.

It’s called pornography – and it’s harmful for us, our children and our society.

So here at safesurfer we’re about helping kids swim between the flags when they’re online – and we’re here to stop learner ­surfers from entering the dangerous digital waters of the internet.

So if you’re a parent with children who use the internet, then we can help.

We can even help you make your home safe right now.


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Safe Surfer exists to help families stay safe online.

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