Everyday it troubles us that children are exposed to content online that they don’t want to see.


Welcome to Safesurfer.

Here at Safesurfer, we’re tackling one of the biggest social issues on the internet – pornography.

Safesurfer is a social enterprise that’s focused on removing children’s access to pornography – with our goal being to make the internet a safe place for families around the globe.

Why pornography?

We’re tackling pornography, because we care about relationships.

You see, relationships that are built on love and respect are cool, but the problem is that pornography normalises the exact opposite – teaching our kids that:

– Guys can mistreat girls (sexually or otherwise)

– Girls deserve to be mistreated

Long story short, we hate pornography because it’s distorting our children’s views about love and how real-world relationships work – and it’s our responsibility to do something about it.

Who’s behind Safesurfer?

Based in Tauranga New Zealand, Safesurfer is run by two guys with a passion for keeping families safe online.

We started Safesurfer because we have young families, and we have the power to make a real difference.


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